Here's What You'll Gain From the T28 Online Challenge

Step-by-Step Nutrition and Fitness Coaching for Success

  • Lose Fat, Build Muscle

    The hardest part about any nutrition and fitness program is knowing where to start. We'll take you step-by-step from start to finish to beyond. It's like having your own personal coach, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Break Free from the Diet Merry-Go-Round

    Have you ever started a diet and quit a diet? We all have. But the T28 Challenge is different. All the tools, resources and videos are at your fingertips. From shopping guides, recipe books, workout videos, and resource materials...we have you covered.

  • 10x Your Energy and Productivity

    What would it feel like to have 10x more energy and 10x less stress? You'll the steps on how to live a more scheduled and productive life so that healthy eating and fat-burning fitness is a breeze.

  • Gain Confidence. You'll Going to Love How You LOOK and FEEL

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look and feel 10 years younger? You're about to find out. Get ready for your friends to start noticing that you're turning back the clock on how you look and feel.

  • Say Goodbye to Pain and Inflammation

    Ever heard of the "Granny Posture"? That comes from chronic pain and inflammation, and what you eat and how you move can either cause it or reverse it. The T28 Challenge has the fix for that.

The T28 Online Challenge

Your Guide to Results in 28 Days...Guaranteed

  • 01
    Welcome to the T28 Online Challenge!
    Show details
    • Transformation 28 Audio Book
    • Start Here
    • Join the T28 Challenge Facebook Support
    • Welcome to the T28 Online Challenge: Checklist
  • 02
    T28 Challenge: The Preparation
    Show details
    • What is your WHY?
    • Your Why
    • The T28 Challenge Nutrition Plan and Macronutrient Calculator
    • Order Your T28 Challenge Resources Here
    • Find Your Ideal Macros: The T28 Macronutrient Calculator
    • Navigating the Grocery Store: T28 Challenge Shopping Guide
    • The T28 Challenge Shopping Guide (Links Included)
    • Making Your Weekly War Plan
    • The T28 Weekly War Plan
    • The T28 Challenge Preparation Checklist
  • 03
    T28 Challenge: The Execution
    Show details
    • The T28 Smoothie: Fat Burning Nutrition on the Go
    • Starting the T28 Challenge: How You Can Expect to Feel
    • T28 Challenge Recipe Book
    • Your T28 Challenge Workouts: Intensity Drives Results
    • T28 Challenge: Workouts
    • T28 Challenge Movement Vault
    • T28 Challenge Frequently Asked Questions
    • The T28 Execution Checklist
  • 04
    Beyond the T28 Challenge: Must-Have Resources for Lifetime Success
    Show details
    • Winning the Challenge for a Lifetime: Here's What's Next
    • 22 Amazing Smoothie Recipes
    • T28 Challenge Home Workout e-book
    • Recommended Home Workout Equipment
    • Find a CrossFit Gym
    • Train with Dr. Nathan Thompson
    • Heal with Dr. Nathan Thompson
  • 05
    Bonus Content
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    • Lifestyle Workshops with Dr. Nathan Thompson
  • 06
    Feedback and Contact
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    • Let us know about your T28 Challenge results!
    • Contact Dr. Nathan Thompson

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